CAD Drawings – Title Blocks

FRC 6800

What is a Title Block

It’s the Area in the bottom right-hand corner of a drawing that will tell us basic information about the part! |

For example it can tell us the following about the part, but not limited to the following fields.


See details below about proper titles for your part!

Part Number

We will be using a modified version of FRC 254’s part numbering and nomenclature document.

 Click here to visit 254’s document


How many parts we should manufacture for 1 robot


What kind of treatment does the part recieve after it has been manufactured?
* Machined – Raw stock
* Factory – Already painted or treated for us
* Powder coat
* Polished

Areas that must be filled out

Blue Areas will automatically update if you have filled out the proper fields in the parts properties. You can edit these in the BOM!
Green areas must be updated by hand!
Orange Must be filled out or signed off by another student or Mentor

Let’s Talk Titles

This year we are going to change things up:
The Title of the part no longer must be the part number.
Again Title =/= Part Number

The title may be English word that are used to describe the part
Good examples are:
* Right Chassis Tube
* Left Chassis Tube
* 2.375” Chassis Axle
* Output Transmission Axle
* 0.500 Chassis Transmission Spacer

Please keep these professional, no slang!!! See example on the left

Make sure your titles are descriptive, use quantifiable words or dimensions to title your parts. Use spaces between words, every first letter of the words should be capitalized.

Please refrain from using all caps, any words that reference the rev or version of the part ‘REV0’, Greek Letters ect. Ect.

Make sure the title is unique and it can’t get mixed up with another part in the robot, a good way to avoid this is using the sub system it belongs to in the title.