ViperBot’s Facilities

FRC 6800

We are proud to announce our new Viperbots facilities! 9,000 sq. ft. of FIRST robotics within Vandegrift High School’s new Career and Technical Education wing.

Facility Details

The facility houses 1 FRC team and 10 FTC teams, and was opened on Sept 8th, 2020. Leander School District (LISD) passed a $454 million bond to provide Vandegrift with a new Career and Technical Education wing, which included Viperbots FIRST facility.

FTC Area

The FTC room contains 2 FTC fields, along with 10 FTC work stations

FRC Area

The FRC area contains a full FRC field, FRC parts storage, and subteam work stations

Machine Shop

To see more about our machine shop, scroll down!

Marketing and CAD Room

In our marketing and CAD room, we have 15 CAD work stations and a small kitchenette

Parts and General Storage

We have 2 rooms for FTC parts, and FRC/FTC long term storage

Computer Lab

Our faculty sponsor’s classroom is right next door and teaches computer science. We use his room as additional business/CAD space

Machinery List

Our shop contains the machinery needed for both FRC and FTC teams


* <Insert details here>

3D Printers

* Markforged Onyx Pro 
* 6x PLA 200mm X 200mm printers

Drill Presses

* 3x Jet standing drill press