Newsletter 2021 Week 7

FRC 6800

“You have nothing to lose by giving your best.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

Sub-Team Updates

We finished the final week of our official build season- 7 weeks of hard work DONE! Although we don’t have any regular season competitions we still will be working and preparing to compete in June! The software subteam has been working diligently to get the robot ready for drive practice. The drive team has been practicing on the field which is very exciting to watch! The robot itself is continuing to progress with different iterations of our designs for improvements as well. The business team has shifted their focus after submitting all the chairman’s content.


Our goal was to fully finalize the intake and begin working on optimizations. We hope to accomplish that this week by adding a further iteration to our design. After brief testing, we discovered that a portion of our design is not working, while the majority of our hardware does not effectively fit together. We hope to remedy this by re-printing a majority of our components. Next week we plan to fix the issues of our current intake iteration so that we can begin optimizations and testing, along with driver practice.


This week for the shooter subteam we worked on adding the new belt covers as well as finalizing the pistons, which we did out of markforged. We ran into issues rearranged the axle adapter falling out of the motor. Next week we are going to fix the pinion motor issues as well as complete the wire tracking system needed for the robot.


Our goal this week was to fit five balls with room to spare so they do not cause any jams. Some issues that we had this week were clearance with the robot and wobbling when the spindexer was full. Next week we are hopefully going to polish off some issues and finalize the indexer.


Our focus this week was to begin assembling the lift gearbox so it is ready to go on the robot. Telescope is undergoing iteration 2. This week we had lots of issues with the stability of the Telescope and it needed new bearing holders. Our next project will be to reassemble the Telescope using the new design that will allow for a lot more strength.


This week our goal was to finish the autonomous chooser program and get it ready for testing. We began test driving the robot and making control changes for driving, as well as implementing PID control for the shooter. A challenge this week was with the autonomous chooser and figuring out how to get the auto from the auto chooser and run, but eventually we figured it out. We also had some minor code bugs that we had to solve. With the autonomous chooser completed by the end of this week we plan on getting it tested on the field and running driver practice and ironing out any code bugs.


This week on the business subteam our focus was split between two tasks. First, the Chairman’s speech for the chairman’s award presentation. Our next focus has been planning out the Robot Reveal video! Next week we will finalize our tasks from this week as well as planning recruitment for next year, planning the virtual open house, and keeping up with our social media.