Big Picture Night

FRC 6800

What is Big Picture Night?

The big picture night is an event held at our school that allows clubs and organizations to advertise their program to incoming freshman, new student transfers, and existing students looking to learn about organizations or clubs they can join. Big picture night is also an opportunity to educate parents of the students of what the club or organization is about, how to get involved, and what to expect. For Valor this was our second year in a row participating in the big picture night with our Robotics organization, Viperbots.

How did 2021 go?

In 2021 the event was held virtually, we have one member of the team along with an FTC student and our head advisor for the robotics program represent our organization for Big Picture Night. For roughly an hour and a half we held five different zoom calls, reaching 25 parents and students. During our 15 minute presentation we spoke about what FIRST Robotics is, how our program is run, what to expect in both FTC and FRC, and answered questions from the zoom participants. This was a great opportunity for us to advertise our program and inspire students to apply.

What was Big Picture Night?

Our school held an extracurricular fair to advertise and introduce programs to join. We set up a booth with our entire robotics organization “Vandegrift Viperbots”  to display our FRC robot and some of the FTC robots.

How did it go?

Some team members were able to speak to over 400 parents and students about who we are and how to join Vandegrift Robotics. In addition, we handed out pamphlets and fliers to educate interested families.