FRC 6800

We build and maintain business relationships with our sponsors through robot demos.

    In 2019, we took our chassis to the Dell HQ to educate 100 employees on the values of FIRST while getting feedback on our robot from real-world engineers. We discussed our new robot design and plans for the current game.

    In our first two seasons we demoed our robot twice at Hanger and Civitas Learning. At Hanger, each demo had an audience of around 30 engineers who would give honest feedback regarding the mechanics and performing power of our robot. Engineers were curious on how we designed our robot and dug into our decision making for choosing certain mechanisms over others. At Civitas Learning, we demoed our robot at their weekly Friday demos. About 25 engineers attended the event and showed interest in the program to learn more about how to get their kids involved.

Sponsor Banquet

-Our engament with Sponsors –
We maintain a close partnership throughout the year, and keep our sponsors updated on how their support fuels our team. In build season, we send out weekly newsletters breaking down each subteam’s tasks and accomplishments. Post competition, we send out press releases highlighting the events. We also invite sponsors to our open house after the build season and to our end-of-season banquet.


Thank you to our sponsors for all their support! These partnerships help us pursue our mission and make a larger impact within the STEM community.

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