Valor CAD Challenge Summer 2020

FRC 6800

Some of the VCC Submissions from the 2019 Challenge – SuperShot

What is the Valor CAD Challenge?

The Valor CAD Challenge is a 5-day challenge designed for high school robotics students interested in elevating their CAD skills through friendly competition. Participants, competing solo or in teams of 2-3, are given 5 days to design an FTC robot in CAD software to the best of their ability. However, this challenge is more than robots. Teams are also required to submit a press release: a page-long document detailing their strategy, design process, and robot’s mechanisms. These submissions are analyzed by a set of judges, comprised of college mentors or industry professionals, to provide feedback and determine a winner.

The Valor CAD Challenge allows for newer FTC participants to experience the rapid problem-solving phase of a competition season while challenging more experienced participants to elevate the quality and effectiveness of mechanisms in a short period of time.

Summer 2020

The international CAD Challenge is returning for a second annual competition!

This year’s game: Hexforce

In Hexforce, robots must collect game pieces, called Hexagons, and score them into ports on a large structure called a Silo. In the end game phase, robots must place tubes, known as Superstructures, into separate ports on the Silo. Robots can also hang from these Superstructures to score points for their alliance.

2020 Challenge Resources

Game Manual:

Field CAD:

2020 Partners

goBILDA is a modern build system designed for educators and future engineers, It’s metric, lightweight, and has an ever-growing library of parts. The only thing missing is U!

2020 Signup Statistics

2020 VCC Schedule

June 1st- 2nd Annual Valor CAD Challenge announced to the public.

June 29th- Valor CAD Challenge signups open to the public.

July 10th – Signups close.

July 13th- Valor CAD Challenge game is released at noon CST. Game On!

July 17th – Submissions are due at midnight.

July 22nd- Valor CAD Challenge Awards Ceremony goes live on Twitch to celebrate the best designs (In partnership with FirstUpdatesNow).

2020 FAQ

Q: I competed last year. Do I still have to sign up to compete?

A: Yes. All participants must sign up to compete in the 2020 competition.

Q: I competed last year under a certain number. Will I receive a new number upon signup?

A: No. If you competed last year under a certain number, upon signup you will be reassigned your previous number.

Q: How many people can be in a team?

A: Teams can comprise of 1-3 participants.

Q: How will communications be handled after I sign up?

A: After you sign up, you will receive an email from the official VCC email containing your team credentials. You will also be given a link to join the VCC discord. This will be the hub of communications during the competition. It is required for at least one member of your team to be in the discord, to watch for rule changes, submission requirements, and other important information.

If you have any other questions, email, or message in the Valor CAD Challenge discord. Invite link: