What are Rookie Awards?

FRC 6800

What are Rookie Awards?

Rookie Awards are good awards to strive for as a starting team. Below you weill find informationation on Rookie All Star and the Rookie Inspiration awards. We have also linked our 2018 winning packet for your reference. 

What is Rookie All Star?

Rookie All Star in an award given to a rookie team that has Chairman’s potential. This means that the judges are looking for a rookie team that may win the Chairman’s award in future years.

Below we have attached our winning submission packet in 2018. Having a good mixture of graphics, bulleted lists, and pharagraphical information, is important in a well rounded packet.


What is Rookie Inspiration?

The Rookie Inspiration Award is awarded to the teams that present the following qualities.

  • Effectiveness and inventiveness of the team’s efforts to recruit students to engineering.
  • Extent and effectiveness of the team’s community outreach efforts.
  • A commitment to science and technology education among the team.
  • Ability to communicate understanding of the FIRST mission at the competition and away from it.

Rookie All Star and the Rookie inspiration awards are rookie based awards. Check out our packet for tips and setup ideas.